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ANNALS 2015/2016


The 38th season ended with 63 members registered on Forum records. During the close season the Forum was sorry to hear of the death of Honorary Life Member Reg Jackson at the great age of 101 years and 9 months. A founder member of the Forum (38 years membership), twice Chairman and giver of twenty-six (official) talks. Whilst sad to record his passing he was the oldest member ever of the Forum and had demonstrated a remarkably well lived life when attending the Forum in  October 2013 in celebration of his centenary year and he will be remembered fondly by Forum members.

The revised membership total for the start of the 39th season was therefore 62 members.

“Calendar of Meetings” and a “Welcome Back Slip” had been circulated to all members. External distribution of “Calendar of Meetings” had also gone to Harrogate Library, Harrogate Tourist Information Centre, our local Harlow News Correspondent (Harrogate Advertiser) Charlotte South and also to Rosalind Crew our Church contact who includes details on the Harlow Hill Methodist Church Website with its links to the Nidd Valley Methodist Church.

Oct 6th: The first meeting of the season saw two new members join –Tony Bills and Robert Bradwell.

Oct 13th: three new members added to the membership–Terry Byrne; David Jackson and John Tyreman

Oct 20th: meeting with a charity presentation re: St. Michael’s Hospice and a total amount of £118–50 collected for them.

Nov 3rd: The popular and now annual Members’ Morning –5 Speakers from amongst the membership.

Nov 10th: new member Leslie Parkes joins us.

Nov 17th: first Open Meeting of the season saw eight lady guests bolster attendance to a very healthy forty-one which also include new member Peter Wood

Dec 8th: this meeting saw a record attendance of fifty members.

Dec 15th: a very successful Christmas Lunch at Ascot House Hotel with another record attendance of seventy-one members and guests. The Charitable Collection of £370 was also an all time high and would be passed to a fellow community association Harrogate 20th Scout Group who are raising funds to provide a new Scout Hut.


Jan 12th: The following were dropped from membership;

John Knell & Allan Ridley (own request)

Richard Barker (ill-health)

Malcolm Rawdon (advised deceased)

Jan 19th: second Open Meeting of the season saw nine lady guests join with forty-one members.

Feb 2nd: Update on former member Brian Blakey now in Southlands Care Home Ripon Road Harrogate. Reverend Christine Gillespie completed her second ” President’s Morning”.

Feb 9th: charitable collection taken for Aid to Eastern Europe (John Shackleton) raising £102-40 plus Speaker’s Fee of £30.

Mar 8th: Third Open Meeting of season with thirty-seven members and eleven lady guests.

Mar 22nd: John Stott removed from membership…no longer attending.

Apr 12th:Philip Sladdin removed from membership due to ill-health.

Apr 19th:Dennis Jennings removed from membership as moving to Bakewell.

April 25th: Death of Ken Lupton advised.

April 26th: A.G.M. Informed of recent death of former member Stuart Metcalfe. Season concludes with 61 members registered on Forum Records.

May 3rd : Members’ Spring Lunch at Bay Horse Goldsborough.




ATTENDANCE: President Rev. Christine Gillespie and 24 members present.

APOLOGIES: 12 apologies received from members.

MINUTES: Minutes of 38th Annual General Meeting agreed correct and signed by President. No amendments, corrections or matters arising.

CHAIRMAN& GEN. SECRETARY REPORT: Chairman Neil Ramshaw thanked officers and members for their support and for making his year as Chairman a pleasant experience.

At the close of the previous season 63 members on Forum Records were reduced to 62 at the start of the 39th season due to Reg Jackson’s death during the summer.

—-7 new members joined during the last season

—-8 members were removed from membership which sadly included two further deaths. (Malcolm Rawdon and Ken Lupton)

At the close of the season (26/4/2016) 61 members were registered on Forum Records.

Continuing publicity through Harrogate Advertiser/Church Website Links/Harrogate Library and Tourist Information Centre along with our own Website. Advocacy from Members is still our best recruiting agent.

PROGRAMME SECRETARY’S REPORT: Attendance Records continue to be broken with an average weekly attendance of 38. Highest attendance of 50 at an all male meeting; record numbers of “guests” at an Open Meeting; biggest Christmas Lunch gathering of 70 and record Charitable Lunch Collection there of £370.

Interesting talks from regular and new Speakers. Major contributions from our own members including Richard Wright (Gambia); David Siddans (Traffic Jams) and Judge Derek Clarkson (Curiosities) not forgetting John Taylor who shared some recollections of Schooldays. Another successful Members’ Morning with 5 Speakers providing eclectic entertainment and our annual President’s  Morning providing enjoyable education.

Thanks to all Tuesday Helpers, Officers and not least Members for attendance and friendly attitude which makes Harlow Men’s Forum so welcoming.

Charitable Donations amounted to £878-80 made up of £250 to various Speakers who fund their own good causes; £370 collected at Christmas Lunch for 20th Harrogate Scout Group and three Meeting Collections. (St. Michael’s Hospice; John Shackleton–Eastern Europe Ambulance and R.N.L.I.)

TREASURER’S REPORT: Very healthy Bank Balance going forward–£659-49 (confirmed by Treasurer after meeting).

Donation to Church for room usage proposed and agreed at £825.

Further Donation of £100 proposed and agreed to Church for rear porch refurbishment work.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS 2016/2017 (as detailed below)

Malcolm Wood spoke persuasively and exhorted members to consider taking office particularly as Chairman.

Vice Chairman His Honour Judge Derek Clarkson and Second Vice Chairman Michael Cochrane proposed, seconded and agreed by acclaim at meeting. All other Officers to continue in role as agreed by Meeting Attendees.


PRESIDENT:                               Rev. Christine Gillespie.

CHAIRMAN:                               Peter Staples.

VICE CHAIRMAN:                    Judge Derek Clarkson.

SECOND VICE CHAIRMAN:  Michael Cochrane.

GENERAL SECRETARY:          Neil Ramshaw.


TREASURER:                              Roy Smith.

REGISTRAR:                               Derek Simpson.

CHURCH CONTACT:                Mike South.

Peter Belton.

CATERING OFFICERS:       John Clark; Bill McNicol;

Tom Snelling; Roger Bancroft.

AUDITOR:                                     Chris Butterfield .

The position of Welfare Officer has been vacant for some time and a decision taken to discontinue the role. Any such matters arising can be brought to the Forum’s attention by any aware member where appropriate.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: 2016 Christmas Lunch Charitable Collection to be split between St Michael’s Hospice and The Air Ambulance.

Thanks to Officers of the Forum on behalf of members from Peter Staples.

NEXT EVENT: Members’ Spring Lunch Tuesday May 3rd.

40th Season of Harlow Men’s Forum will open on Tuesday October 4th at 10a.m. for 1030 a.m.