Peter Staples (Chairman) opened the meeting by advising of another good attendance and also that five apologies had been offered. He also welcomed new member Gordon Percy to the meeting in the normal manner.

Mr Dennis Taylor was today’s Speaker with his topic of “Aviation: A Private Pilot’s Licence”. His interest in flying had begun from an early age just before World War Two and was then piqued in January 1940 when his elder brother joined the R.A.F. In 1945 he commenced employment with the G.P.O. and retired after 40 years in 1985 when he decided to take his interest in flying to an active level and train for a private pilot’s licence. After overcoming some obstacles he eventually achieved this through training at Elmet Flying School. His flying education was courtesy of a Piper Warrior aeroplane,next to the Cessna, the second most popular training craft. We were advised that a cost of £37,950 was needed to achieve an Airline Transport Pilot Licence (A.T.P.L.) status.

Much of the talk was conducted in an interactive fashion with the audience being encouraged to ask questions throughout. Dennis advised about the pilot sitting on the left hand side of the aircraft; explaining the functions of the instrument panel and displaying the aircharts he used. We learnt about flying zones and obtaining the requisite permissions to enter or not!; the use and development of radar and the fact that the International Language of the air is English!! Different types of runway were discussed e.g. grass and asphalt and the requirements of flying above or below cloud or at night. He also used projected pictures to illustrate different aeroplanes, the interior of cockpits and airfield layouts. It was obvious from the ongoing engagement that Members had enjoyed the morning’s topic.

The Vote Of Thanks on behalf of 38 attendees was given by Gordon Richardson.




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