Chairman Peter Staples opened the meeting promptly at 1030 a.m. and advised of one apology. He offered a warm welcome to new member Peter Wilson and attending guest Keith Acum. Members were advised that *Bill McNicol was not well and in hospital and best wishes for a speedy recovery were given.(*Subsequently advised due to a misunderstanding that he was at a Doctor’s appointment)

Today’s Speaker was the Forum’s Secretary Neil Ramshaw whose topic was “Some Well Known Inventions and their Lesser Known Inventors”. Examples of the inventions were displayed to the audience and included The Zipper; Velcro, Dyson Bagless Vacuum; The Light Bulb and The Sliced Bread Machine. Pen pictures of the Inventors were drawn including known names such as Dyson, Wellington, Issigonis as well as lesser known or anonymous figures like Nesmith Graham, Sundback and Rohwedder. Engineering appeared to be a common feature with many of the Inventors and evidence of an enquiring and inventive nature from an early age displayed. Members raised a number of pertinent questions at the talk’s conclusion.

The Vote of Thanks was given by Vincent Naylor on behalf of the forty-two attendees.



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