Chairman Michael Cochrane opened the meeting at 1030 a.m. by welcoming visitor Godfrey Alderson and advising of one apology.

Under Initial Notices  members were advised of Brian Blakey’s Memorial Service at the Wesley Chapel on Monday February 12th at 12 noon.

A reminder to those attending members was the Defibrillator Training at the Church, using the main entrance, tonight (February 5th) at 730 p.m.

Today’s speaker was Mr Malcolm Johnson whose subject was ” Famous For 12 Minutes”. His talk would be about a Reality T.V. experience he personally took part in, his “Andy Warhol 15 Minutes of Fame”. With reality T.V. all over the T.V. schedules this particular programme would be titled “The Undriveables”  and would focus on Malcolm’s belated attempts to learn to drive and pass his test at the age of 65. He had given up in his attempts to learn to drive twenty-two years previously having had many lessons and a number of Instructors. The audience was taken through the whole process starting on May 30th 2014 when he learnt about the programme and expressed his  interest, to the actual televising of the show on September 15th the same year. This included a Skype Interview; Observed and Filmed driving; completing a Theory Test and signing his Contract for the show.

Filming started in the July of 2014 , first at his house and around Horsforth, moving to Liverpool and Southport for a week’s intensive tuition and  concluding on the 21st July with an actual Driving Test.

Confidentiality had to then be maintained until the programme was televised and out of the twelve people in the show Malcolm was the only one to pass the test to the joy of his instructor and family.The professionalism and work ethic/application of the Production Team was highlighted but also the hours of filming that took place of which only a small fraction made the screen.

Malcolm’s talk was entertaining and well presented supported by some amusing video clips from the programme. Given the questions asked at the end members had obviously enjoyed the morning’s proceedings.

The Vote of Thanks on behalf of the thirty-eight attendees was given by John Corby.



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