The meeting was opened at 1030 a.m. with four apologies having being offered. Last week’s guest Godfrey Alderson had now joined as a member and was most welcome.

John took a little time to reflect on his twelve years as Programme Secretary recalling Ray Coggan, George Mountford and Brian Blakey and named the current Members who were in the Forum all those years ago. John wished he had used Dr. Brian Blakey as a Speaker given his experience and high educational qualifications.

John started his main talk by highlighting that John Taylor was a popular name second only to John Smith but this would decline over time as John is not now a popular Christian name.

We were told about the 17th century Thames Waterman and sometime poet John Taylor; his namesake from more recent times (1970’s) the Ulster Unionist politician; a couple of Ecclesiastical John Taylor’s ; the bass guitarist from Duran Duran and the salutary tale of Lord Taylor of Warwick who flew high but then disgraced himself in the Common’s Expenses scandal. John recalled the Welsh Rugby Union International John Taylor and the electric kettle developer of the same name before moving on to the famous Independent politician Sir John Anderson , a significant figure in the 1930’s to the 1950’s, before finishing on King John . His two Fred’ s investigated the Royal roles of Frederick William 1st and his son Fredrick the Great of Prussia which concluded the morning’s interesting and amusing pen pictures. Questions and comments were invited from the audience.

The Vote of Thanks on behalf of the thirty-six attendees was given by Mike South.


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