In Attendance: 26 members present. In the absence of a President Chairman Michael Cochrane took the proceedings.

Apologies: 6 offered.

Passing Members: John Taylor (Programme Secretary) paid tribute to Dennis Smith and George Thomas.

Chairman’s Remarks: Michael Cochrane commented on the wait for a new President until new season; confirmed another successful year; thanked John Taylor for the Speaker’s Programme and stressed the need for volunteers to fill vacant Officer positions.

Minutes: Minutes from 42nd meeting agreed correct; no changes or matters arising; approved by the meeting attendees and signed by the Chairman.

General Secretary’s Report: 3 new members in last season and 10 members dropped from membership for various reasons saw 57 members registered on books, a reduction of 7 from previous season.

Programme Secretary’s Report: Slight dip in attendances but held up well in range 36-38. Speaking Programme saw excellent member support supplementing stimulating and entertaining talks from regular visitors and some welcome new Speakers. John’s last report after 12 years in office.

Treasurer’s Report: Verbal report given.

Proposals accepted by meeting;   Church Donation of £886; Secretary Honorariums £150; Annual Subscription increased to £5 with weekly fees remaining at £2.

Contingency amount in bank account to cover initial maintenance/ parts costs of Church Defibrillator thanks to member donations.

Finances remain in good order.

Election of Officers 2019/2020:

PRESIDENT:                                                          Vacant.

CHAIRMAN:                                                           Richard Wright.


GENERAL SECRETARY:                                         Neil Ramshaw.

PROGRAMME SECRETARY:                                  (Acting) Neil Ramshaw.

TREASURER:                                                            Roy Smith.

REGISTRAR:                                                             David Hill.

CHURCH CONTACT :                                               Mike South.

CATERING OFFICERS:                    Tom Snelling; Roger Bancroft; Richard Brooks.

RESERVE (Catering):                       Edward Rowe.

AUDITOR:                                          Chris Butterfield.

All confirmed by meeting attendees.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Incoming Chairman Richard Wright took over proceedings and gave an initial address. Thanked Michael Cochrane for his efforts; exhorted volunteers to come forward to fill vacancies and stressed the need for more social interaction within the Forum to increase member awareness of each other. Also gained agreement for John Taylor to be provided with a memento to reflect his outstanding Forum service.

Malcolm Wood offered members an alternative method of giving a Forum talk…Q&A or Interview Style.

May 7th Spring Lunch at Hollins Hall for those booked.

First Meeting of 43rd Season Tuesday October 1st 2019 10 a.m. for 1030 a.m.






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