The meeting was started by Vice Chairman Peter Wilson who formally introduced to members our new President Reverend Moses John who was warmly welcomed and stayed for the early part of the meeting.

Four apologies had been advised prior to the meeting.

Mike Cochrane advised members that today was the cut off date for Christmas Lunch bookings with a take up of about 59/60. He asked the audience to consider a local charity to benefit from our traditional lunch collection so this can be agreed next week.

Today’s Speaker was Mrs Angela Schofield, Chairperson of the Harrogate and District N.H.S. Foundation Trust, whose talk would be about the said “N.H.S. Hospital Trust”.

Angela advised us about the start of the Trust eleven years ago and how it was formed to have independence and accountability to the local community. She also encouraged Forum attendees to join the Trust as members and make their own contribution. It was explained how the Trust needed to demonstrate standards and credibility to be able to operate, the importance of accountability and being held to account. We heard about the core principles of being respectful, responsible and passionate.

Our Speaker then outlined the services provided by Harrogate and also Ripon Hospitals including all the Community services for Harrogate and the Rural District. Less well known were The Children’s 0–19 Community Services for healthy children which extended to much of the North East; Minor Injuries Services and Dietary/Dentistry services which also extended to a wider area. Not all services can be provided at Harrogate Hospital with an interdependence and need to work together with Leeds, York and sometimes other Districts to achieve the best outcomes.

Angela shared some statistics and key information related to the Trust and explained the management structure involving Executive Directors, Non- Executive Directors and the Board of Governors. The audience were advised about the monitoring bodies i.e. The N.H.S. Improvement ; The Care Quality Commission and some of the targets the Trust needs to achieve or strive for.

The morning’s proceedings had held member’s interest, supplemented by their own personal experiences, and a number of questions were raised at the end.

The Vote of Thanks on behalf of forty one attendees was given by John Taylor.


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