Chairman Richard Wright started the first meeting of 2020 and advised of four apologies.

The year started on a sad note with the announcement of the death of Dennis Anderson, a member since 2012.

Michael Cochrane was thanked for his organisation of a successful Christmas Lunch where a collection of £312 was raised for the Just Giving Kate Curtis account on behalf of Martin House Hospice.

Toady’s Speaker was the Forum’s own Secretary Neil Ramshaw with his talk titled “The Two Funniest Words In The English Language” which looked at the career of one of America’s most highly regarded comedians, Film, T.V. and Radio performers Groucho Marx. It traced his career from vaudeville and films as part of the legendary Marx Brothers to his stand alone performances on T.V. and Radio where his unique and at times eye brow raising style of humour could prove controversial but also very funny.

Video clips highlighted Groucho at his performing best. Married three times his final companion Erin Fleming was controversial and whilst acknowledged as reviving his popularity and pushing for his honorary Oscar, was in dispute with his family over possible exploitation and after his death disputes over his estate. He died at the age of eighty six.

The Vote of Thanks on behalf of thirty six attendees was given by Chairman Richard Wright.


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