Secretary’s Report 26th October 2021

Today’s Speaker was Michael Greatorex who took us through his time as a telegraphist in the Royal Air Force.

Beginning as a raw recruit and surviving the usual friendly advice from his NCO’s, Michael proceeded on his chosen trade by learning morse code. The system involved learning the code to 5 new characters each day and in the evenings writing down each code multiple times on a foolscap sheet. Sounds like doing lines in school!

After 18 months training at the Joint Services Training Organisation at RAF Digby in Lincolnshire, he was posted overseas to Aden followed by Berlin interspersed with several return visits to RAF Digby. Retiring after 22 years of service in 1986, which he described as rewarding and satisfying, he applied to the GCHQ in Cheltenham where after 9 months training as a radio operator he was posted to Harrogate where he finally retired in 2012.

David Hopkinson thanked the Speaker for a very interesting personal account of his work and lifestyle.


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