Secretary’s Report for 8th February 2022

This week’s meeting started on a sad note with the news of the passing of Tony Bills whilst in hospital recovering from a fall.

He joined the Forum in 2015 and was noted as an eccentric but with encyclopedic knowledge. Though he was not on our past speaker list, he was due to address us for the first time on 22 Feb about windmills.

May his soul rest in peace.

This week’s Speaker was Tim Forman who advertised his topic as “20 amusing years in Sales and Marketing” and he did not disappoint. As he walked in through the front door, it was clear that he had come dressed for the part and ready to impress.

Standing before his audience he began with his Speaker checklist – “ABC ” Always Be Clear” followed by “XYZ” eXamine Your Zip. For the next 45 minutes, he produced a genuine laugh a minute – so much so that your reporter broke his pencil early on and just sat back to enjoy the show.

On the way we heard about his exploits with Legal and General in Hull, selling endowment life policies whilst plying cigarettes to the Clients. Also home visits to Bransholme Council Estate where big dogs were the main risk followed by losing your car wheels. PPI was another insurance initiative where sales patter had to be so negative in order to convince the purchaser that they would surely fall sick or lose their job at any moment.

Marketing was also on the agenda and he examined the success of Esso’s tag line “Put a Tiger in your Tank” and de Beers “Diamonds are Forever”. Such memorable slogans have stood the test of time and bring an instant boost to sales.

In closing, Tim declared he had several other talks in his locker and the meeting unanimously agreed to give him another run next season.

Next week’s meeting is a joint one with our Ladies when we welcome Dawn Pearson from the Harrogate District Foodbank to tell us all about the Project.


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