Harlow Men’s Forum: Annual General Meeting

Minutes of the 44th Annual General Meeting held at 10.30am on 26th April 2022 at Harlow Hill Methodist Church Hall.

Attendance: Chairman Peter Wilson presided and 21 members were present.

Apologies: Were received from 8 Members

Previous Minutes: The Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held virtually in April 2020 were tabled and agreed to be a correct record with no amendments and were approved by today’s attendees and signed by the Chairman.

Chairman’s remarks: The Chairman made his traditional report at the end of his tenure and thanked those who had volunteered and other members for their contributions to an enjoyable season.

Secretary’s Report: The Secretary combined his Speaker and General Secretary reports thanking all those members who had spoken and officiated this season. He emphasised the future need to concentrate on recruitment and fundraising initiatives to guarantee our future.

Treasurer’s report: The Treasurer presented his financial accounts for season 2021-22 together, for comparison, with the years 2019, 2020 and 2021. He noted that he had proposed a donation of £800 to the Church in respect of our use of the Hall. This was approved by the meeting. The accounts then showed that we had only just broken even and, with today’s inflationary trends, we would need to increase our revenue. It was noted that our income was obtained from 24 weekly meetings with an average attendance of only 24 out of 38 registered members. A suggestion came from the floor that weekly subscriptions could be paid as an annual £72 lump sum or by a £6 monthly standing order. A proposal that this suggestion be examined further was approved by the meeting.

Election of Officers for Season May 2022 to May 2023

The following members were proposed and agreed to stand for election as Officers of the Forum:

President: Rev. Moses John

Chairman: Neil Ramshaw

Vice-Chairman and Blogger David Hopkinson

General Secretary: Godfrey Alderson

Programme Secretary: Richard Wright

Treasurer: Mike Jones

Registrar: Mike Tutt

House member: Mike South

Catering Officers: Tom Snelling, Roger Bancroft, Richard Brooks

Auditor: Chris Butterfield

The above Officers were duly appointed en bloc by the Meeting.

Any other Business: The Secretary outlined the workings of “EasyFundraising.com” and asked the meeting to agree to proceed with membership application in the category of “Causes”. Chairman Neil Ramshaw described it as a no-brainer and the meeting agreed to proceed with the membership formalities.

Alan Barker suggested we produce fliers and also engage in the website “Next Door” to publicise our activities. He offered to help with a membership campaign in September.

After a productive session, the meeting closed in good spirits at 11.30am.

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