ANNALS FOR 2021 – 2022

The 2021 – 22 season was re-activated towards the end of the pandemic on July 6th with a meeting of long-standing members. The meeting received the resignation of Secretary Neil Ramshaw who was in the midst of treatment for cancer. Roy Smith also advised his wish to hand over as Treasurer as soon as a replacement could be found.

Under Chairman Peter Wilson a management committee was appointed with Richard Wright as Secretary and Programme Secretary, David Hill as Registrar, and Mike South as House Member. The outcome of this meeting was circulated to members by email on 19th August, the programme of speakers, substantially prepared by Neil Ramshaw, was finalised, and the Calendar was printed and issued to the Registrar for distribution.

Oct 05: The first meeting of the new season opened by Chairman Peter Wilson reflected for a few minutes on the sad passing of Ken Selkirk, Peter Staples, Derek Clarkson, Brian Gallagher, Bardner Horn, Gordon Percy and Fred Spurrier.

Life member John Taylor opened the 44th season with his talk entitled “100 not out – some Centenarians”

Oct 12: John Ashworth of the Co-op Estate Planning advised on aspects of tax and inheritance planning.

Oct 19: Malcolm Johnson returned with some more Children’s Favourites from the 1960s

Oct 26: Michael Greatorex took us through his time as a telegraphist in the RAF.

Nov 02: Forum President – Rev Moses John gave us an intriguing snapshot of his life from Chennai to the Nidd Valley Methodist Circuit.

Nov 09: Forum member Jim McPhail took the audience through the development of “Share Africa” starting in 2000 with his ideas for poverty reduction to today’s $2 million a year self-help enterprise he oversees.

Nov 16: Local guide Harry Satlova took a full house on his popular “Free tour of Harrogate”

Nov 23: Architect and Author Richard Newman entertained the meeting with his reminiscences of Expat life in a dusty Qatar back in 1974.

A collection for the Kevin Sinfield Extra Mile Challenge raised £60.

Nov 30: John Butterwick announced the Christmas Season with some pairing suggestions for wines and offered several money-saving tips.

Dec 07: Alun Pugh took us on a historical tour of Roundhay Park.

Dec 14: Judy Blezzard entertained an Open Meeting with a light-hearted examination of the origins of Christmas Carols.

Dec 15: The death of Vincent Naylor was announced to members. Vincent had been diagnosed with lymphoma some 20 years ago but was able to control the symptoms and still lead a fairly normal life.

Dec 21: 42 members and friends enjoyed an excellent festive lunch at Ascot House, well arranged by Roger and Lindsay Bancroft. During the proceedings it was announced that, in recognition of his long and outstanding service to the Forum, Neil Ramshaw had been granted life membership. The Christmas Charity Collection raised £435 for ShareAfrica

Jan 11: Member David Siddans gave a well structured and illustrated talk on the developments in America from 1730 leading to Independence from Britain in 1783.

Jan 18: Roger Deadman provided some more facts about the Post Office and its grip on our communications during the 20th century.

Jan 25: Prof. Martin Curzon returned for the 10th time to chart the progress of sweetness from bees to sugar cane to artificial sweeteners.

Feb 01: Eric Jackson occupied our attention with grave robbing which was fuelled by surgeons who needed a body to practice on.

Feb 06: Tony Bills passed away suddenly in hospital whilst recovering from a fall.

Feb 08: Tim Forman made a debut visit to describe his years in sales and marketing.

Feb 15: Veronica Bird kindly stood in for a cancellation and entertained with stories of prisons and royalty.

Feb 22: Member’s morning saw excellent contributions from Frank Ellis on how he started making his talks, from Andrew Machutchon on being a Corporate Buccaneer, then Peter Belton on his travels abroad to visit his adventurous daughters and, finally, Terry Byrne entertained with anecdotes of his 37 years in the Armed Services.

Mar 01: Roger Oldfield took members on a journey from Ilkley along the Dales Way to Windermere.

Mar 08: Members were greeted by Sergeant Chris Tapster in combat gear ready to take us to the Falklands on the 40th anniversary.

The Ukraine invasion had begun and a collection of £175 was realised for the National Appeal.

Mar 15: Again, with some relevance to the Ukraine situation, speaker Douglas Cossar eloquently explained to us the German psyche and their reluctance to address national migrant and security problems.

Mar 22: John Gilleghan returned to fill us in on the real facts about Alfred James Wight – aka James Herriott.

Mar 29 A long and winding road around the NorthWest Highlands of Scotland provided lots of photographs and climatic effects for David Alred’s slideshow.

Apr 05: Mike Streeter and Steve Pexton set up a mini studio in the Hall and gave us a history and flavour of the past and present Harrogate Hospital Radio. HHR

The 44th season concluded with 38 active members on the Register.

Details collated by Richard Wright

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