Chairman’s Welcome

Welcome to the Harlow Men’s Forum which meets at Harlow Hill Methodist Church in Harrogate North Yorkshire.  We meet at 10.00am on Tuesday mornings between October and April.  The Church is on Otley Road Harrogate.

Please see the history of the Harlow Men’s Forum.  The following is an extract:

  1. “A regular meeting in the daytime would be held for a trial period in the expectation that support would grow.
  2. The meetings should be open to all men, irrespective of religious belief, and there should be no religious activity.
  3. The first meeting should take place on Tuesday 30th September 1977
  4. Meetings thereafter should take place on the first Tuesday of every month.
  5. Publicity should be sought in by means of a report in local newspapers.
  6. Efforts should be made to recruit members from retired men in the vicinity by reference to the Women’s Fellowship.
  7. Mr Edgar Scholey will be the acting Secretary for the time being.”