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Newspaper reports of the meeting

43rd SEASON 2019–2020

Our new season will shortly be with us on Tuesday October 1st.

All members should now have received two Calendar of Meetings cards with the Tourist Information Centre and Harrogate Library also provided with copies. A card has also been provided for Charlotte South our local Harrogate Advertiser correspondent and our Church Contact Rosalind Crew has been advised of our new season’s programme.

New members are warmly welcomed and cordially invited to our meetings when they start again in October.

Incoming Chairman Richard Wright  welcomes the return of the Forum to offset the current political turmoil; England’s Cricket Team unpredictability and the excess but fluctuation in daytime temperatures!!

For completeness the new Programme has been detailed on this site.

Looking forward to seeing old friends and new on Tuesday October 1st 10a.m. for 1030 a.m.




Oct 1:     Mr Malcolm Johnson        Children’s Favourites 1 (1950’s)

Oct 8:     Mr Roger Oldfield              Racehorses, Cheese And Waterfalls

Oct 15:    Mr Steve Caldwell             Windsor Castle After The Fire

Oct 22:    Mr Keith Wadd                   My Sporting Life: The Life And Times Of A                                                                                       Mediocre Sportsman

Oct 29:   Professor Martin Curzon     Artists Of The Great Plains: George                                                                                                    Caitlin And Fredrick Remington

Nov 5:    Canon Roger Dedman          The Rise Of The Post Office

Nov 12:   Mr Andy Dennis                   Without Borders (OPEN MEETING)

Nov 19:   Mr Eric Jackson                     Wonderful Things

Nov 26:  Mrs Angela Schofield             The N.H.S. Hospital Trust

Dec3:      Mr Alun Pugh                     The Long And Winding  Road  “how                                                                     the Beatles became…”                      (OPEN MEETING)

Dec 10:                                           CHRISTMAS LUNCH at Ascot House Hotel




Jan 7:        Mr Neil Ramshaw              The Two Funniest Words in the                                                                                                         English Language

Jan 14:      Mr Mark Smith                   Organ Donations: An Inspiring Story

Jan 21:      Mr Frank Ellis                     Tom Who?

Jan 28:      Mr Bob Soper                       Motor Sport’s Golden Years–The Era                                                                                                 of “The Old F***’s”

Feb 4:        Mr Michael Williams         Tall Ships Youth Trust

Feb 11:                                           MEMBERS’ MORNING

Feb 18:       Mrs Jenny Stacey                A Sniff Of Snuff

Feb 25:       Mr David Davies                 The Awkward Neighbours: Britain’s                                                                                                  Relationship With Europe Since 1945

Mar 3:        Mrs Teresa Marshall          Bilton Hogspital–Helping                                                                                                                     Hedgehogs       (OPEN MEETING)

Mar 10:      Dr David Allen                      London Livery and Freemen

Mar 17:      Mr Jeff Jacklin                       I Used To Be A Referee But I’m Better                                                                                                Now

Mar 24:      Mrs Pat Osborne                   The Life Of L.S. Lowry

Mar 31:      Mr John Taylor                      100 Not Out–Some Centenarians


—                                             ———–EASTER HOLIDAY————–

Apr 21:       Mr Stuart Atkins                   The Great American Songbook

Apr 28:                                      43RD ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

May 5:                                      Spring Event —to be arranged



I have been advised of the death of  Phyllisl Coggan , the widow of long standing former Forum member and mainstay Ray Coggan.

Her funeral will be in Stokesley next Thursday and I am indebted to this information provided by Frank and Mary Ellis.




Passing of Mike Hawkins

It is with regret that I have to advise you of the death of Member Mike Hawkins on June 5th.

Mike had been a member since 2014 and was heavily involved in activities at Harrogate Hockey Club where he had been a member for many years as a player, Club Treasurer , Vice President, Coach of part of the Junior Section and an Umpire.

His funeral will be held on Friday June 28th 2019 at Christ Church in Church Square Harrogate starting at 12.00 p.m.

Our condolences are extended to his family.




I have now been advised of the funeral arrangements for Ken Roberts which are as follows.

The service will be at Rawdon Crematorium, Leeds Road, Rawdon situated beyond the airport. It will take place on Thursday May 30th at 1140 a.m. Ken’s daughter ,Julie Scott, can be contacted on 0780 8846023 (Mob.) or 01142 453635.


It is with sadness that I have to report the death of former member Ken Roberts yesterday morning at the care home on Duchy Road where he was residing. Ken passed at the age of 95 from a heart condition he had developed in recent months although still able to take part in a trip to York Railway Museum in February.

He became a member in 2000, became Chairman  and spoke passionately about his days as a Bevin Boy. Members may remember with amusement his vehement defence of Harrogate’s Green Space and his suggestion that the Beckwith/Harlow Area be knocked down and redeveloped as higher level (height!!) housing to protect green areas!!

Funeral arrangements are not known at this stage but will be in Rawdon where he grew up.

Our condolences are sent to his daughter and family members.




SECRETARY’S NOTE ….Annals 2018/2019.

I have today posted the Annals for 2018/2019 which concludes business for the last season.

Enjoy your summer and see you on October 1st!!



ANNALS 2018/2019


The 41st season concluded with 64 members registered on the records.

Sadly the death of Honorary Life Member Roy Howard was reported during the close season and the new season started with 63 members.

“Calendar of Meetings” and “Welcome Back” note were issued to all members including a second Calendar for members to involve potential interested friends/neighbours. Normal external distribution for information and advertising took in Harrogate Library; Harrogate Tourist Information Office; our local Harlow News Correspondent (Harrogate Advertiser) Charlotte South and also our Church Contact Rosalind Crew who includes details on the Harlow Methodist Church Website with links to Nidd Valley Methodist Church.

Oct 2: First meeting of new season opened by Chairman Michael Cochrane and welcomed visitor Geoff Maidment. Roy Smith gave Treasurer’s Financial Update and John Taylor paid tribute to the late Honorary Life Member Roy Howard.

Oct 9: New Member Rob Edenbrow welcomed. Although John Taylor announced at last A.G.M. he was stepping down as Programme Secretary at end of season no replacement has yet come forward nor a candidate for Second Vice Chairman.

Nov 6: First Open Meeting of season with 42 members and 7 guests. New Member George (Ginger) Hornsea came on board.

Nov 13: Rob Edenbrow dropped from membership due to ill-health.

Nov 20: Our occasional visitor from Seahouses Roger Howell made his first appearance of the season.

Nov 26: Defibrillator secured for Harlow Methodist Church via Harrogate Council/ Harrogate Lions Community Fund and installed on December 7th.

Nov 27: Death of Dr. Edward Broadhead former Forum Chairman reported.

Dec 11: First Class Xmas Lunch at Ascot House Hotel attended by 58 members and guests. £186-80 collected towards Defibrillator installation and training costs.

Final attendance of our President Reverend Christine Gillespie who was leaving the area.


Jan 8: Sad death of our Registrar Derek Simpson advised.

Jan 15: Death of former member Mike McKevitt reported after prolonged ill-health.

Jan 29: Death of former member Dr. Brian Blakey reported.

Feb 5: Visitor Mr Godfrey Alderson welcomed.

Feb 12: Godfrey Alderson joins as member.

Feb 19: Matthew Jessup, Tom Snelling’s grandson attends as guest.

Feb 26: Matthew Jessup, grandson of Tom Snelling again attends meeting.

Mar 26: Ken Burcher dropped from membership…moved to Suffolk.

Apr 2: Matthew Jessup in attendance as guest.

Apr 23: Dropped from membership Keith Acum and Peter Weatherill (non attendance); Grahame Devonport and Peter Wood (both ill health). Also George Thomas (deceased).

Death also advised of former member and Registrar Dennis Smith.

Apr 30: 42nd A.G.M. held.

May 7: Spring Lunch at Hollins Hall attended by 17 members and 13 guests. Presentation made to John Taylor, outgoing Programme Secretary, in recognition of his outstanding service to the Forum over a long period of time.

Season concludes with 57 members registered on records.


I have posted a summary of Tuesday’s A.G.M. for Member’s attention.



In Attendance: 26 members present. In the absence of a President Chairman Michael Cochrane took the proceedings.

Apologies: 6 offered.

Passing Members: John Taylor (Programme Secretary) paid tribute to Dennis Smith and George Thomas.

Chairman’s Remarks: Michael Cochrane commented on the wait for a new President until new season; confirmed another successful year; thanked John Taylor for the Speaker’s Programme and stressed the need for volunteers to fill vacant Officer positions.

Minutes: Minutes from 42nd meeting agreed correct; no changes or matters arising; approved by the meeting attendees and signed by the Chairman.

General Secretary’s Report: 3 new members in last season and 10 members dropped from membership for various reasons saw 57 members registered on books, a reduction of 7 from previous season.

Programme Secretary’s Report: Slight dip in attendances but held up well in range 36-38. Speaking Programme saw excellent member support supplementing stimulating and entertaining talks from regular visitors and some welcome new Speakers. John’s last report after 12 years in office.

Treasurer’s Report: Verbal report given.

Proposals accepted by meeting;   Church Donation of £886; Secretary Honorariums £150; Annual Subscription increased to £5 with weekly fees remaining at £2.

Contingency amount in bank account to cover initial maintenance/ parts costs of Church Defibrillator thanks to member donations.

Finances remain in good order.

Election of Officers 2019/2020:

PRESIDENT:                                                          Vacant.

CHAIRMAN:                                                           Richard Wright.


GENERAL SECRETARY:                                         Neil Ramshaw.

PROGRAMME SECRETARY:                                  (Acting) Neil Ramshaw.

TREASURER:                                                            Roy Smith.

REGISTRAR:                                                             David Hill.

CHURCH CONTACT :                                               Mike South.

CATERING OFFICERS:                    Tom Snelling; Roger Bancroft; Richard Brooks.

RESERVE (Catering):                       Edward Rowe.

AUDITOR:                                          Chris Butterfield.

All confirmed by meeting attendees.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Incoming Chairman Richard Wright took over proceedings and gave an initial address. Thanked Michael Cochrane for his efforts; exhorted volunteers to come forward to fill vacancies and stressed the need for more social interaction within the Forum to increase member awareness of each other. Also gained agreement for John Taylor to be provided with a memento to reflect his outstanding Forum service.

Malcolm Wood offered members an alternative method of giving a Forum talk…Q&A or Interview Style.

May 7th Spring Lunch at Hollins Hall for those booked.

First Meeting of 43rd Season Tuesday October 1st 2019 10 a.m. for 1030 a.m.